5 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make On Dates

Tips from Rayne Parvis, Los Angeles Personal Stylist

No matter how great you are, sometimes we just can’t get past an unappealing wardrobe on a first date. If your attire is sloppy or out-of-date, we can only imagine what your house looks like. We assume it’s messy, dirty, and disheveled…which will send us running. Don’t judge us, we can’t help it! Check out the 5 mistakes below and avoid them when possible…especially when dating someone new.

Wearing sloppy t-shirts: I know they’re comfortable, but it gives off an“I don’t really care about this date” attitude. You want to look like you put some time into looking nice for your date. Try a nice button-up, cashmere, sweater, or your favorite IRONED rock-n-roll t-shirt under a blazer with dark jeans for a casual yet cool vibe.

Wearing a black suit: Think twice before you throw on an all-black suit, since it can come off as generic, uninviting, and/or looking as if you have something to prove. Focus on a more casual look that gives off a down to earth, friendly, and confident vibe. I suggest a soft cashmere sweater or soft button up shirt, dark colored jeans, black socks, and snazzy shoes. If the date is a little more formal, add a cool blazer or non-black suit with a colorful tie.

Wearing dirty shoes: Shoes tell a lot about a man. Having clean and polished shoes shows the world you are a healthy man who knows where he is going and knows the steps he needs to take to get to “success”.

Unkempt hair: The condition is so important. Greasy, straggly, and comb-overs are not attractive. Spray some dry shampoo on your hair if it looks greasy and get a very close shave if you are balding. Hanging on to or growing out the strands you have left just looks out-of-date and “stuck in the past”. Let it go and embrace your new do. Women love to rub a bald head!

Pleats: Please throw out any pants that have pleats in them. This style went out when Miami Vice, the TV show, went off the air in 1990. Shop for flat-front pants.

Along with your fabulous wardrobe, remember to be chivalrous. A man who is polite, opens doors, and smiles can charm the pants off of anyone. Look at George Clooney! Keep these fashion tips in mind on your next date and you’ll be putting your best foot forward just in case this is the ONE! For the record, I used the term “charm the pants off” for an effect. I wouldn’t recommend that you actually charm the pants off your boss or your girlfriend’s sister. This could definitely get you into trouble!